MetaCognitive Science

metamemory.org is a metacognitive-science site that contains evidence-based information and resources about our own self-awareness, our inferences about others'' awarenesses, and the practical, psychological, and philosophical implications of metacognition. It supports the dissemination, discussion, and ongoing development of metacognitive knowledge for maximizing educational efficiency, sustainable work productivity, sound decision making, effective communication, and mind/body health.


Currently, metamemory theory and research (i.e., self-knowledge of memory) is more developed scientifically than other aspects of metacognition. Metamemory has been applied educationally (across all stages of development).  The first project this site will facilitate is the collaborative development of a metacognitive theory that extends beyond the metamemory domain.


Later projects will facilitate rigorous empirical research on several aspects of metacognition.


As the site develops, practical information relevant to everyday life will be presented and discussed. 


Note:  This site was developed by R. Jacob Leonesio.  Jacob holds a Ph.D in metacognition from the University of Washington, Seattle, where he is adj. ass. prof. of psychology.  He has taught at the University of Washington, The Evergreen State Colloge, Cornish College of the Arts, and Bastyr University.   He can be contacted using the webform accessable via the 'Contact' tab. 

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